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About Innovation Limited values:
Domestic water purification system through Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) product and services to our customers
Committed to maintaining a highly trained, professional team which delivers the finest and most comprehensive consulting, design, installation and maintenance services to our customers.
- We will only promise what we can and will deliver on time.
Seeks to establish long term relationships with all our clients.

  Plyflo R.O. System
- Domestic water purification system through Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)
Unique 5 filter mechanism:
First Filter - screens out sediments and particles down to 5 microns that cause cloudy water.
Second Filter - reduces elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant, including the taste and odor of chlorine (1 micron)
Third Filter - blocks the tiny particles and protect the life of the Reverse Osmosis membrane
Fourth Filter - reduces virus, bacteria, radium, lead, arsenic and many heavy metals and other poison substances.
Fifth Filter - ensures your drinking water is clean and fresh.
-- The most economical and efficient method for purifying tap water.
-- Effectively removes all types of contaminants to some extent (particles, pyrogens, microorganisms, colloids and dissolved inorganics).
-- Requires minimal maintenance.

  Cabling Service:
Specializes in cost effective, high performance integrated enterprise-wide network cabling design and installation services.
- Utilizes both fiber optics and UTP.
Expertise and experience in the communications arena, including fibre optics, twisted pair, and broadband and baseband communications systems.
Strict adherence to universal wiring standard such as IEEE EIA/TIA 586 in UTP and Fiber Optics installation
Appointed as Certified Installer for major structured wiring system such as Avaya and molex technology.
Intensive and relevant experiences in managing sizable wiring projects for large reference accounts such as Bank of China, Hong Kong Land Group, Prudential Finance, Tender (III) for Education Department and etc.
Meets specification requirement and deadline through effective project management.
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